country garden

The Country Garden is a kitchen garden at  Shantell Vineyard and Winery in the Yarra Valley, located near the Cellar Door and restaurant.  Working with my aunt, who owns Shantell, both our houses now largely sustainable in vegetables from the Garden, and we are able to supply herbs and some vegetables for the restaurant kitchen, although consistency of quantity remains challenging at the scale we are producing.

The kitchen garden is also used to promote the restaurant and provide a direct link for diners with the food they are eating, in the same way that the vines outside the windows of the restaurant provide a link with the wine that they are drinking.

The kitchen garden has been established in raised beds in an effort to outwit the local rabbit population.  We are using organic principles to try to outwit other pests and to produce food which is delicious, healthy and sustainable.
The most important fruit growing on the farm!