city garden

The city garden is a courtyard garden in the inner suburbs of Melbourne.  It measures about 6 x 8 metres, and most of that is paved.  The garden sits on one side, along with a number of tubs and a couple of fruit trees dotted amongst the other beds.  Although it's small, somehow squeezed into it are:
  • 2 chickens and a small chicken coop
  • 2 dwarf peach trees
  • 1 dwarf apricot tree
  • 1 nectarine tree
  • 1 lemon tree
  • 1 lime tree
  • 1 kafir lime tree
  • 1 dwarf blood orange tree
  • 1 bay tree
  • seasonal vegetables - including broccoli and kale in winter/ spring, broad beans in spring, tomatoes and lettuce in summer, silverbeet and rocket all year round
  • A large table for summer meals with friends

I have also established a street herb garden that the neighbours are welcome to share, which includes rosemary, thyme, sage, oregano, parsley, 3 types of mint, basil, dill, a chilli and a strawberry and a variety of edible flowers

The City Garden will certainly never provide enough for my husband, M and I to survive on, however in each season we manage to produce enough to keep us in one vegie or another.  This last winter we feasted on delicious purple sprouting broccoli and cavelo nero for what seemed to be months.

The other highlight of the garden, is the beautiful white flowering crepe myrtle which dominates the yard.  Every season it's more beautiful than the last, and as it grows it provides valuable shade in the hot summers for the vegetables and for us to sit under.  In summer it bursts into full bloom, with branches weighed down with huge bunches of tiny white flowers, and the buzzing of thousands of very happy bees.  (Perhaps a beehive on the shed roof might be a next step in food sustainability to consider...)  In autumn it turns the most intense deep gold and then red, and then in winter, having lost all its leaves, it creates a dramatic silhouette against the sky of delicate branches tipped with dark seed pods.