25 July 2015

Winter Life

It often feels to me that everything stops in winter and is all grey and dreary.  But today as I walked in the front gate of the City Garden I noticed that the nuts on the mallee gum (which I think is Eucalyptus Preissiana) in the front garden are starting to "pop their lids" and will soon be in a short but full bloom.  Then I started looking around at the other plants in the garden and realised that there are flowers everywhere!  And while the fruit trees are sitting quietly dormant, there are lemons falling off the lemon tree and the feijoas that I planted a few months ago have taken off, just as the weather has hit its coldest.  So it seems there is life in winter after all, even inside, where my two orchids are just coming back into bloom  :)


  1. What's the temperature like there now?

    1. This is where everyone discovers how wimpy I am, because while I complain about how cold it is, the coldest maximum temperature has actually been only about 10 or 11 degrees C, which is probably not that bad by international standards! (Although it has been down to a couple of degrees overnight and even as low as -5 overnight in the Country Garden.)