22 February 2015

Country Garden Glut and Being Distracted

The email from my aunt arrived with a hint of desperation to it: "Please come up this weekend, even if it's hot and all you do is pick some of the tomatoes, capsicums, squash, eggplants..."

The last couple of weekends I've been distracted from the Country Garden by a country show, sailing in Tasmania (I think the photos below explain and justify my distraction there...) and enough produce in the City Garden to keep us going (beans, silverbeet, tomatoes and basil) but clearly it was time to get back to my duties in the Country Garden and save my aunt from drowning in vegies!  I stopped picking when I filled two eskies and the temperature reached 36 degrees.

The Country Garden is so lush and productive at the moment.  Over the years we've streamlined down to the vegies we know do well, and they are living up to our expectations.  But one exception to that rule that we've made this year is paying off handsomely.  We planted a few apple cucumbers and they have to be one of the most productive vegetables we've ever grown.  They taste just like normal green cucumbers but are round and yellow (in the front left of the photo above) and the plants are producing stacks of fruit.  They will definitely need to go on the list again for next year.

And here's why I wasn't gardening last week...
Dawn at anchor in a bay off Bruny Island, watching the moon go down
 Entering the Derwent River from D'Entrecasteaux Channel, 
 sailing toward Hobart
Sunrise from my floating "apartment" in the middle of Hobart


  1. Oh how wonderfully decadent.....the yachting and the excess of veg.

  2. Wow! That sailing looks amazing! I would love to go adventuring! Hope all is well. It's been a while since you posted.