01 June 2014

City Garden - A First Day of Winter Comparison

The definite highlight of the City Garden is the beautiful Crepe Myrtle tree (that I've written about here before).  With our unusually warm May weather this year, the tree is only just starting to turn colour, which feels to me that it's much later than in previous years, so I thought I'd look back on photos from past years.  Surprisingly, I seem to have photographed it on 1 June on several occasions so can actually directly compare!  

Here's what I found:
29 May 2010
1 June 2011
2 June 2012
1 June 2013
Today (1 June 2014)
There are definitely more green leaves left on it today than in the last few years, but probably quite similar to 2010; and the grey weather today is not as bad as it was last year!

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