01 June 2014

Can Anyone Identify This Weed?

The two new and growing chickens have voracious appetites, and are constantly on the hunt for edible greens in the City Garden.  So we've been supplementing their diets with regular trips to our local parkland to gather bagfuls of grass for them.  

We are very careful to select areas that aren't near garden beds that get sprayed, or will be affected by runoff from drains or streets nearby, or if the creek floods.  We also try not to mix in any weeds unless absolutely sure what they are.  

But in one good harvest patch there are heaps of a particular type of weed that I can't identify.  There's loads of it, so if it's edible I'd be happy to help the Council by harvesting some of it.  It looks a bit like coriander.  The closest I can find in The Weed Foragers Handbook (a fabulous reference book by Adam Grubb and Annie Raser-Rowland) is hemlock but I'm fairly sure it's not that, and haven't seen any witches lurking around!!

Any ideas?


  1. This is a good weed database to try and find it on http://www.db.weedyconnection.com/