30 May 2014

A Small But Beautiful Diversion

Every now and then there's a bit of a diversion on CGCG to include images of beautiful timber boats, a subject that is dear to my heart, coming from a sailing/ boat-building family, and having built a little sailing dinghy myself.  So I can't resist sharing the brilliant result of some good friends after their five-year quest to build Lucy.  She was launched a couple of weeks ago in southern Tasmania and is absolutely beautiful.  Congratulations to K and G on the most amazing achievement! xx

23 May 2014

This Week in the Country Garden

The blog may have been neglected lately, but there's been plenty of work going on in the Country Garden!  We have had very unseasonably warm weather for the last couple of weeks, so there is still quite a lot of growth, but time will tell what the effect will be on harvest outcomes, I suspect there will be some impact. 
The garlic has sprouted in a (slightly!) straighter
line than last year
The Cavelo Nero is growing well, as are
the silverbeet and spinach.  These three are
now the current mainstay of vegie supply
Five weeks ago I hoped that we'd have one last
week of tomatoes.  We're down to the last bush,
but it's still producing enough for a couple of
punnets weekly, hopefully for at least one more
I planted one bed out with random seeds of
radish, rocket and lettuce - it's going mad,
best radishes we've had for years! 
The last couple of capsicum plants
No peas yet, but lots of flowers on this lot, and another bed
full, planted a few weeks later that will hopefully be OK in
this strange weather
And the flamingoes have a new friend :)

  • Lots of Purple-Sprouting Broccoli at various stages, but still quite a way from flowering
  • Broad beans are shooting up
  • Lots of beetroot, turnip and celery seedlings
  • Two beds allocated for potatoes (to be planted in Spring) now planted out with a green manure crop
  • Blueberry and raspberry plants are pruned for winter, and some gooseberries that will join them have been ordered
  • Stacks of sorrel, lettuce and rocket along with various herbs, including lots of things that are now self-seeding in the beds
  • Perfectly (well...!) straight lines of leek growing steadily

How is your garden growing this season? 

04 May 2014

Supporting Sustainable Farmers

*An update on this post:
A couple of days ago Madelaine reached her ambitious target of $60,000!  What a brilliant outcome that so many people have had faith in her to succeed.  And with one week to go, Bundarra Berkshires are really close to reaching their target of $15,000.  Their project is an exciting one that will enable them to continue to grow their business.  I spoke with Lauren about it last week and she's very committed to this project, so if you're interested in high quality, ethical and (in Lauren's words) bloody delicious food, then please check out the link here and consider supporting them :)

There are a couple of great project proposals on Pozible at the moment that I'm supporting and urge you to take a look at if you're interested in sustainable and innovative farming.

The first project is from Bundarra Berkshires, who I've written about before here.  Lauren and Lachy's proposal is to raise funds to build a commercial kitchen and drying room alongside the butchery room that they've already established, in order to add charcuterie goods to their range of amazing pork.

The second project is from a young farmer from Hollyburton Park, who I've only just heard about.  Madelaine has developed her own organic chicken and egg business on her family's farm just north of Melbourne.  We bought some of her eggs from a farmers market when ours stopped laying (again!).  Madelaine is seeking to raise funds to buy an egg sorting and cleaning machine to enable her business to continue to grow.

Crowd funding on sites like Pozible allows people to support all sorts of projects by pledging money in order to reach a particular goal, so you don't pay unless the project is successful.  It was first used in a farming context by Jonai Farms to build an on-farm butchery.  They reached the target, and the butchery is now completed and operational.  It's another great way of connecting city and country.