17 April 2014

This Week in the Country Garden

The last of the eggplants were harvested, what an amazing
crop from just one punnet of seedlings
Purple Sprouting Broccoli seedlings under protection from
 white cabbage moths
Peas have started to sprout (as have the broad beans)
These capsicums look so inviting but we are holding off picking
them until we finish all the yellow banana capsicums that were
harvested a couple of weeks ago.
Another three buckets of tomatoes were harvested this week.
If the weather holds out we should get at least one more week
of tomatoes before they finish
A lone pumpkin from several plants.  It's still quite small, not
sure if it will grow to an edible size at this stage of the season
The blueberry has produced another flush of fruit that will
hopefully ripen
The raspberry is still producing a few berries, but only enough
for a snack as we walk around the garden
The mystery vine from the compost looks like it is canteloupe
Finally a few strawberries from our two plants, but all at risk
of being eaten by rabbits as they push through the wire-mesh
Celery seedlings
Leek seedlings (including two perennial leeks)
planted into the bed vacated by the eggplants.   
Garlic crop planted under the rose-bushes
with protection from rabbits

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  1. Everything looking so neat. I have similar raised beds and i am now getting rid of all grass. I dont have to protect from rabbits but i do have a toy dog named Tilly the Excavator that like to dig and eat my veggies. So my fencing is for her.