22 March 2014

Reducing Electricity Usage - update

I have been slowly working through ways to reduce our electricity usage.  So far this has included buying a new fridge, replacing some of our low-voltage light fittings, installing an automatic standby cut-off switch and generally trying to be more aware and consciously turn off lights and appliances.  But it's been a hot summer and we have run our fans quite a lot to try to make the house a bit more bearable.  

So I was completely unprepared for the fantastic result when our summer power bill arrived this week:  we've gone from a daily average the same time last year of 17.95kWh (yes I know that is terrible!) down to 6.23kWh on this bill!  

To me that is still far too high for summer, and there are more tasks that need to be undertaken to reduce it further, but I was so happy to see the impact of what we have done so far.  It's great incentive to continue to work on reducing our usage and it shows that all the little steps are helping.

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