15 February 2014

This Week in the Country Garden

A week of "almosts"...
The corn cobs are beginning to develop
The eggplants are flowering
We have about half a watermelon
The cucumbers are climbing and starting to
produce fruit
And the Pinot is nearly ready for harvest!


  1. I'm quite envious of your thriving grape vines and vegetable plants. The possums have eaten the climbing roses and grape vine that usually provide important summer shade for my study windows and I unfortunately planted my vegetables too late last year to be getting a summer crop. However the lemon tree has been prolific. There are enough lemons for both the possums and us! Warm regards

    1. Wow, they are tough possums if they are even eating your lemons! They aren't a problem in the Country Garden, but are definitely a big issue in the City Garden. Post about broken fruit tree branches and stolen fruit coming up...