26 February 2014

Another Winery Vegetable Garden

Last weekend I visited Canberra, Australia's capital city, to catch up with a friend.  As well as time in the city we headed out to the nearby wine region and had lunch at Capital Wines.  Their cellar door and restaurant is located in a series of stone buildings in a lovely little town some way from the vineyard and has a fantastic kitchen garden, orchard and chickens.
The vegetable beds are laid out in a formal pattern and well irrigated
Tomatoes are planted against reo mesh to support them 
Beans climb up an arch in the centre of the garden
Zucchinis obviously thrive in Canberra's climate, the surrounding farms
were all growing them too.
Happy chickens in a fenced orchard
...with a very impressive chook house! 
A hedge of quince trees protects a thriving pumpkin patch


  1. Sounds idyllic. This year I'm feeling quite despondent because possums and the occasional rodent keep eating my vegetable garden!

  2. It all looks lovely, I'm a little jealous, it will be a while before I can start planting here & the sunshine in your photos looks wonderful! Take care

    1. It has been a fantastic summer this year, albeit pretty hot (up to 45C) for some of it! The weather last weekend was perfect, sad to think that today is the last day of summer...