31 January 2014

This week in the Country Garden

If you read my last post on my trip to Tasmania, you might realise that I haven't been spending summer tending to the Country Garden!  In fact, due to the craziness of the end of last year and a few other commitments, it's actually been about six weeks since I was last there.  So my trip there this week felt a bit like exploring, discovering what had taken off and what had been planted.  I felt a bit like I was doing my shopping in the ultimate green grocer, not having had to work at growing most of what I picked!  Thanks to the shade covers and lots of regular watering and TLC from my aunt the Garden was looking amazingly lush given how hot it's been (the water tanks less so, they have taken a beating in the last couple of weeks with temperatures up over 40 degrees on several days).  Of course on my first trip there for so long it rained all day so possibly looked a bit greener than it has been lately!

In the picture above you can see some of my harvest this week:  Rocket, lettuce, sorrel, basil, parsley, chives, onion, zucchini, spaghetti squash, carrots, cucumber, a few tomatoes, silverbeet, kale, capsicum, rhubarb, beetroot, the first ever kohl-rabi and one purple bean.

And here's some of what else is growing in the Country Garden:

Lots of green leafy vegies - lettuces, rocket, silverbeet, sorrel 
Eggplants are starting to flower
First crop of kohl-rabi
Lots of tomatoes, not quite ripe yet, but close
Masses of basil (I made the first of many batches of pesto
this week)
Blueberries growing on our one plant - must plant some more
Watermelon (I think!)
Our favourite yellow banana capsicums 
Gold Squash just developing
Lots of zucchinis
Potatoes harvested last week
(The purple ones make brilliant chips!)
And of course it's a crucial time for the most important
fruit on the farm.  These are pinot noir grapes, starting to
colour up now


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  2. Fantastic, congrats, what lovely fresh tasting food. Heat and possums have taken their toll on ours

    1. What is it with possums this year?! Is there a plague of them? We have lost any fruit in the City Garden that managed to survive the heat to the little buggers. They are also creating havoc with breaking branches in the trees, and we only have the little ring-tailed ones.