08 December 2013

The Vegetable Challenge - A Two-year Review

Sorry to go all geeky, but I though some graphs were in order for this post!

When I first started writing this blog I came across the Fruit and Vegetable Challenge widget on the Zucchini Island blog and have been using it to track my vegetable harvest (percentage of vegies harvested from the two Gardens compared to bought) since then, although nowhere near as accurately as Jason does.  It only shows a year at a time, so I thought I'd take the information on it and put it into a graph to look at our overall harvest for the last two years.

It's interesting to see that it's quite inconsistent across the two years:
Possible reasons for this include:
  • My varying input into it - there have been times when I have been distracted by other things and not spent as much time in the Country Garden as I should
  • Crop and seasonal rotations - running out of space and having to wait until space is freed up, therefore delaying planting at different times to the alternate year
  • Changes in planting - we have experimented over the last couple of years and planted different types or varieties of plants to see what grows best, and have added more beds along the way to meet our needs
  • Differing weather patterns over the two years - this is anecdotal only but it felt like a colder winter this year than last year.  Or maybe that was just me being impatient!  There certainly seemed to be a greater variety being harvested in June 2012 than this year.
I wonder what 2014 will bring?!


  1. Post Update:
    I was very neglectful in forgetting that a large part of this February's success is probably due to the care that EM took when she looked after the vegies in January while I was away! (Her diligent watering was shown to great effect when the water tanks for the garden and restaurant were completely emptied!)

  2. I'm buying most of my veg at the moment. For my this is the time of the year I really struggle unless the Spring is really warm and the Summer veg starts early.