19 December 2013

Seasons Greetings

Well that's me done for 2013 I think. We're packing up the car, sailing dinghy and bikes and are off tomorrow on an adventure for a few weeks.

It's been a big year, some major challenges and trauma, but also some really fantastic highlights, starting with January exploring New Zealand, and finishing a couple of weeks ago with my graduation in Permaculture.  

My blogging could best be described as sporadic this year and  I look forward next year to reconnecting with it, and perhaps refocussing a bit, but we will see what comes.  Even though I haven't posted so much this year, I have still been checking in regularly with my favourite blogs, and enjoyed very much following the adventures of others in farming, sustainability and simple living.  So many people out there are doing astounding things, and I am so full of admiration for those people who are making big commitments to living in a meaningful way.

Thank you to everyone who has followed along with the City Garden and the Country Garden this year.  My best wishes to all for a wonderful festive season and a bountiful harvest to all!

T x

08 December 2013

03 December 2013

"Haven't we been past that tree/ shed/ road already today...?!"

Putting aside the fact that I spent eight hours on a bus to travel no further than 130km from the centre of Melbourne to essentially spend 15 minutes walking around a cow paddock and then have a lovely lunch in a far-flung cafe, in what was one of the worst organised events I've encountered, I actually had a fascinating day yesterday!

02 December 2013

PDC Success!

I'm very excited that yesterday in my final Permaculture Design Certificate class, my group presented our final design project and officially graduated from the course.  I'm now officially a Permaculture Designer!  What an amazing experience it's been, so much learning and discussion and contemplation.  

This is one of several site analysis slides from our design presentation, for a suburban house block: