11 October 2013

Slow Living Month - September 2013

Back to my bad habits of handing in my homework late :)  September already seems a long time ago, but here are some on the highlights as part of my regular catch-up with Christine and co at Slow Living Essentials.

This might not look nourishing, but I was given some water kefir from one of my permaculture classmates, and apparently it's a really good probiotic, so I've been experimenting with it to get it to a flavour that makes me want to drink it!
Not much prep in the kitchen but I've planted out lots of seeds for summer.
I've followed up my August Slow Living journal post about needing to significantly reduce my energy use with lots of investigation and testing to understand where all the electricity in the house is being used.  You can read about it here.  I've also added a Reducing Energy Use page to my blog to link to what other people are doing and add some good ideas for energy reduction.

The City Garden is full of flowers, birds, bees and broad beans nearly ready to pick.  The new fruit trees are full of leaves and one peach has several small peaches on it.  I've planted tomatoes and some more herbs in the street garden.
The Country Garden is thriving at the moment.  I am harvesting a combination of leafy and root vegetables, as well as celery, fennel and peas.

All the potatoes are planted, and some tomatoes.  The rest of the summer vegies will go in shortly, although with one bed now given up to asparagus, we are feeling the shortage of real estate!
The vegetable harvest levels were around 90% in September.

Not so much this month, but my yarn-bombing aunt suggested that the pots in the street herb garden need a bit of yarn-bombing love, so I can see a project starting there.  I'm thinking of putting a sign up and seeing if I can get some of the neighbours to help.

Again, permaculture!!  More fascinating classes and several great site visits, including to the site that will be our first permaculture design exercise.  You can see in the photo below that it could certainly benefit from some permie-love!
The Fair Food group (or at least a very loose co-operative of like minded friends!) at work has been getting going.  We met up with one of the speakers from the Fair Food Forum that I wrote about in August to help with some ideas and connections to other groups, and have been working on a range of projects.  I led the spring planting of the office kitchen garden and talked to staff about some tips for starting out as a vegie gardener.  Yesterday one of our group organised a delicious sustainable seafood lunch as part of the Give a Fork series by Sustainable Table.  I'll do a post on that shortly.

One of our neighbours advertised a pot-plant giveaway recently.  I went over to check it out and it turned out that they were giving away 20 years worth of lovingly nurtured plants as they are doing a renovation and have no room to store the plants.  It seemed really sad that they would be losing them all, so we agreed that I would babysit one of the largest of the succulents for the coming year until they are ready to move back in.  We don't have any more room without risking the chickens eating them, but I'm glad I could save one plant for them.
Permaculture classes and connecting with a new group of people with similar interests continued to be a great part of my month, along with going to a couple of fabulous gigs.   

Better get this posted, I need to start preparing for October's...!

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  1. That Jade is gorgeous. Your neighbor will certainly be happy to have it back when they're ready.

    I can't believe your planting already.