21 September 2013

This Week in the City Garden

I've been transfixed by the local White Plumed honeyeaters who have been enjoying the Echiums as they come into flower.  My bird book describes them as "aggressive in urban gardens" but I like to think of them as feisty and acrobatic!

There's been an egg bonanza this week.  But I'm suspicious - I think one of the chickens (probably Blacky) is about to go broody and is trying to gather a clutch of eggs.  If/when she does go broody again we might try to find some fertilised eggs to add a couple of chickens to the flock however we would look to getting a breed that are less inclined to broodiness and more inclined to laying regularly, which are the downsides of the Pekin Bantams.  Bantam Australorps sound interesting.  Does anyone have any experience with them, or know where I could get some fertilised eggs?

In the vegetable and herb gardens:
  • Trays of seeds have been planted for the Country Garden
  • The last of the  City Garden broccoli was harvested and the bed replanted with two tomatoes (Tigerella and Yellow Cherry), basil and alyssum, which I learnt this week is great for attracting beneficial predator insects due to the shape of its little individual flowers
  • The broad beans are continuing to flower and have started to produce tiny pods, but they probably don't have quite enough sun and have been battered by some strong winds
  • The herbs from the street garden were repotted in preparation for Spring growth.  There have been a couple of strawberries (which disappeared as soon as they were ripe!) and there are lots of bright red nasturtiums and blue violets to brighten up the street.
The back garden has its share of bright splashes of colour too!

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  1. We have loads of White-plumes and they are quite aggressive here, driving off other smaller birds - ganging up and driving them out of a tree or away from the bird baths. But I do like them and we spend a lot of time watching their acrobatics.