25 September 2013

A Momentary Diversion

Please excuse this momentary diversion.  This post has nothing to do with gardening but possibly quite a lot to do with permaculture...

Last Friday night I went to see the fabulously talented Amanda Palmer at a gig.  She was famously in the Dresden Dolls, a cabaret punk band, who played at MONAFOMA last year, and is now doing her thing solo.  Amanda is a gutsy, artistic, creative powerhouse of a performer, who isn't averse to courting a bit of controversy in support of her art or causes she believes in strongly.  A big advocate of social media, she has well and truly embraced blogging and twitter (918,000 followers!) and last year funded her most recent album on kickstarter, raising $1.2Million in the process!

The permaculture connection?  Amanda Palmer has managed to create a closed-system by connecting with her fans via social media and challenging ideas about "celebrity" disconnection and the way that music is sold/controlled.  This has enabled her to procure things that she needs to produce her work in exchange for her art, and in the process changing the nature of the relationship between artist and fan.  Some examples include sourcing obscure instruments for one-off performances, to finding a bed or dinner with strangers while on tour.  She recently did a TED talk called the Art of Asking, which is a fascinating insight into her motivations and justifications.  You can watch it here.

And here's a photo from the gig, quite blurry but clearly a very perceptive woman!

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