25 August 2013

This week in the Country Garden

Rugged up against the grey drizzle this week it was lovely to be out in the Country Garden, although my activities were limited to harvesting.  As much broccoli as I could cook, silverbeet, turnips, celery, a couple of carrots (I'm trying to ration them!) and leek were the mainstay this week.  (My broccoli crop in the City Garden is also doing well - apart from the plants that were completely pruned by possums last night - so there is masses of it, which makes me very happy.)

Here are some of the beds in the Country Garden:

broad beans
beetroot, carrots, turnip and fennel
purple sprouting broccoli (after my latest harvest)
and the garlic row under the roses

Through the rain there were also some bright patches and great textures in the rest of the garden:

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  1. That garlic looks fabulous - mine looks pathetically small in comparison. Our broad beans look to be at the same stage though - I'm really looking forward to them coming on for harvest.