25 August 2013

This week in the Country Garden

Rugged up against the grey drizzle this week it was lovely to be out in the Country Garden, although my activities were limited to harvesting.  As much broccoli as I could cook, silverbeet, turnips, celery, a couple of carrots (I'm trying to ration them!) and leek were the mainstay this week.  (My broccoli crop in the City Garden is also doing well - apart from the plants that were completely pruned by possums last night - so there is masses of it, which makes me very happy.)

Here are some of the beds in the Country Garden:

In the Vineyard - August 2013

From a distance it looks like nothing is happening in the vineyard at the moment, particularly in such cold wet weather as it's been lately.  

But looking closely there's some definite activity starting on the vines.  This is a pinot noir vine, and you can see the pre-buds starting to emerge.  Budburst (the point when the leaves become visible) can't be too far away.

07 August 2013

This Week in the Country Garden

Finally!  After reading about everyone else in Victoria harvesting their brassicas for weeks if not months, yesterday my Purple Sprouting Broccoli was ready to start picking.  Also a first for quite some time were carrots, baby beetroot (too small to pick really, but I couldn't wait!) and fennel.  These exciting new additions to our recent diet of turnips, silverbeet, leek, parsley and celery made me very happy indeed.

One strange thing I've noticed in the garden however, is that several plants are growing outwards not upwards, lying flat in the beds.  They include some of the fennel, the most recent planting of silverbeet and kale and some celery.  In some cases they are in the same bed as earlier plantings of the same variety, so I assume it's not the soil.  I'm wondering if they were affected by frost?  Any thoughts?

05 August 2013

Slow Living Month - July 2013

It's the end of July so time to reflect back on some of the slow living achievements of the month, and perhaps a few from June, as I somehow missed that post.  Thanks once again to Christine at Slow Living Essentials for continuing to host this lovely monthly review.  Pop over to Christine's blog to see what she and the rest of the gang have been up to in July.

In the Vineyard - July 2013

Back in March I wrote about the trial to build a worm farm by composting the must from the harvest under black plastic for a couple of months.  It's now been sitting quietly in a corner of the vineyard for the last four months, which was actually a mistake as it was tucked so far out of the way that I never go near it, and so haven't checked on it since it was put there.  But this week I finally remembered to go and see what it's doing.