19 July 2013

This week in the Country Garden

Observing a vegetable garden growing across the seasons and the years focuses the attention on changes and consequences of weather patterns:  Last year was different to this year, last week different to this week.  Suddenly after weeks of very little happening, there's been some visible growth in the Country Garden. Yesterday was Melbourne's hottest ever July day, and a few days in the last week have also been quite warm for this time of year, which has probably spurred on the plants.  Although I always like to see things happening in the garden, I suspect in this case it's not necessarily a good thing.  Last week I saw a plum tree in town that was full of blossom at a time when fruit trees should just be sticks.  The response from a local when I commented on it was "Yes this is Collingwood, we always do things differently" but I'm not sure that's the 'different' they are usually referring to, or should be embracing! 

None-the-less here's some of the change/progress since last week in the Country Garden:

The earliest-planted broccoli plants are starting to form heads
The first broad bean flowers are emerging 
Peas are climbing upwards 
And most exciting of all, the very first asparagus spear appeared!

Are things progressing in your garden in synch with the normal seasonal cycles?


  1. Pretty purple broccoli! And yay for your sparrows' grass. As this is my first winter at this patch, I cant tell if it is 'normal' or not. I wish my broad beans were as developed as yours!

    1. I staggered the planting of the broad beans, so it's only the first lot that are flowering. The most recent ones are only about 10cm tall.