14 July 2013

This week in the Country Garden

Even with some lovely sunny days recently, with the night time temperatures going down as low as -5 degrees there's not very much growth happening in the Country Garden at the moment.  To check out what it's looking like in more detail, just go back to my post of three weeks ago!

But there was still some work to do this week:

  • The remaining sorrel was dug up and some of it was transplanted out of the rotating bed system in preparation to plant potatoes as soon as the frosty nights are over.
  • There is surprisingly little frost damage, but the marigold tub, many of the lettuces and the edges of the parsley were hit so needed cleaning out.  The youngest of the silverbeet plants also look like they've been affected, their leaves are growing flat out against the ground rather than vertically.  The centres are still alive so will hopefully recover.
  • There were two beds with the white covers on them to protect seedlings, but the soil in both was very dry.  They were just not getting the benefit of any light rainfall or morning dew as the other beds are, and it's way too cold in the mornings to think about watering.  So after some deliberation, we decided that given that the majority of the vegetables seem to be doing OK without covers, the covers would be taken off.  I'm quite confident that one bed will be fine, the vegies are quite advanced now, but a little worried about the other, which has fennel seedlings.  Fingers crossed!
At first glance there didn't seem to be much to pick, but when I actually started walking around the garden with the secateurs I managed to find a good harvest of silverbeet, celery, baby leek, radish, parsley, spinach, sorrel, rocket and baby turnips, so we'll definitely get our greens this week!


  1. I find that if I potter around for long enough I always end up harvesting something too. And like you its usually something green.

    1. As long as there's at least one other non-green thing to harvest it feels like I've had success!

  2. Yay! Winter produce, even better when it is unexpected - well done. I never thought that you would get colder than where I live... we ( so far) have not got below -2c.

    Earlier in the year I prepared a bunch of recycled plastic cloches that I planned to use on the veggies when it got frosty. They never got used becasue things seem to be doing well all by themselves.

    Nothing seems to knock my rocket back - it is such a reliable green for even a frosty winter.

    1. Yes the Yarra Valley winter nights seem to be really extreme this year. Cloches really need to be used in conjunction with a watering system I think, especially plastic ones. Ours are woven but the water just doesn't get in unless it's raining quite heavily. Good to hear you haven't had frost damage.