19 July 2013

Knitting Socks

I mentioned a while ago that I'd started knitting a pair of socks after being sent a lovely parcel of patterns and DVD instructions from my friend K. Surprisingly (or perhaps not, given how great the patterns that K sent me were) I managed to finish a first pair successfully, and in time for my Mum's birthday.  So now that they are warming her feet in the chilly Tasmanian climes, I can reveal them... 
ta da!
I got all excited and decided I needed a pair for myself next, and found a ball of wool with a fabulous range of colours in it that looked like it would knit up in a similar random way to the first pair, so off I set.  Wrong.  The trick for new players that I didn't realise before I bought it is that somewhere on the label in very tiny writing it said "irregular stripes".  And this is how it turned out.  What a mess, and the yellow bits through it look terrible when they are in a block of colour, so I ended up cutting the rest of the yellow out of the ball after the heel section.
So now my question is, should I knit up the other one so that I can at least say I've finished a pair for myself, or give up on it and start a new pair with this gorgeous hand-dyed magenta wool that I found?


  1. They both look great! So impressed. I am just learning sock knitting too. That dvd is a great idea, I have been trying to follow patterns in books and none of them describe it very well. I found a few videos on youtube that helped though.

    1. The DVD was really helpful. It is set up so that you can just watch a chapter on a particular tricky bit rather than having to watch it right through. I can recommend Lucy Neatby. Her beginner pattern was really easy to follow.

  2. I'd abandon and go for the magenta too.