07 July 2013

Home Cooked Crumpets

A very clever man called Dr Marty has started selling crumpets at some of the farmers markets in Melbourne.  They are the perfect winter (and probably summer!) market breakfast.  And best of all, he smothers them in organic butter, and then a choice of either locally produced honey or....here's where I fell in love...Vegemite!  Not many people seem to understand my love of Vegemite on crumpets, but there it was, a jar up front on the table, not having to be sheepishly asked for in a whisper!  

And the crumpets were delicious.  Until I tried them though, I'd never even thought about the possibility of making crumpets.  To me they are an occasional treat, cos you know they are probably really unhealthy, and can only be bought, highly processed, in the supermarket in the bread aisle that I never go down anyway, so don't think about very often.  But Dr Marty's made me wonder about how you actually make them, and what's in them to make them so light and fluffy?

The answer, after seeking out some recipes, is not very much, if you make them yourself.  They are actually quite healthy (until you start laying on the toppings) and very easy to make, although a bit time consuming as you need to let the batter rise a couple of times.  The recipe I decided to make was sensibly titled "Perfect Crumpets" and they pretty much lived up to their name. My only tip with the recipe is to cook them slowly on a very low heat, in a bit of olive oil, as they are quite thick and by the time they cook through they could easily burn on the bottom if cooked too hot.  You do need to think ahead to make crumpets, rather than just whipping up a batch for breakfast, but they still taste great toasted the next morning.  

I can highly recommend giving them a go, and if you've never tried it, pile on the butter and Vegemite while they are still hot...  And if you come across Dr Martys Crumpets, you should definitely try some of his, they are excellent!


  1. OMG! It's a Simon Marney moment. I think though you may not be familiar with Simon Marney. He does local ABC Radio Saturday mornings (our 702, your 774)in NSW and swears by making his own crumpets.

    I think I am going to have to make my own.

    1. Yep, you've got to try them, they are really good! I made another batch yesterday for breakfast this morning :)

  2. Yummo! Have always loved crumpets dripping with butter and vegemite. Looks like I'll have to join you and have a go at my own