23 June 2013

This Week in the Country Garden

The last of the yellow capsicums were harvested
Our first ever turnips were harvested to thin the crop
Carrots and beetroots are coming along 
Early onions are growing, and some more onion seeds were
planted on Friday when I learned they are supposed to be
planted on the shortest day of the year (see Peter Cundall's
great article)
Turnips are thriving under the white covers 
Brussels are growing slowly...
...so are the Purple Sprouting Broccoli
The broad beans are lined up as straight as a choir arranged
by height!
The peas have just about discovered the trellis
Fennel seedlings were evened out, with dirt starting to be
mounded up around them


  1. I keep seeing the cutest little turnips in various blogs - now on yours. They look very tempting. Looking so small and succulent I bet they taste wonderful? Better than the large shop bought ones? What will you make with them?

    1. I've only eaten a couple but they are really delicious. Quite sweet. they were chopped into quarters and sauteed for a few minutes in some butter. I also like them done in a quick pickle. They are so quick to grow, similar to radishes, I highly recommend putting some in your garden!

  2. I'm so looking forward to harvesting turnips this autumn. I don't usually grow them, but I wanted a little more diversity in our late season garden this year. We couldn't plant peas and broad beans this year because our vole problem was rampant. I'm hoping the hawks do their job this summer and thin their populations. I really missed growing both this spring!

    1. I have no idea what a vole looks like, but they sound like nasty little critters! Here's hoping for some really fat hawks in your area this summer!