23 June 2013

This Week in the Country Garden

The last of the yellow capsicums were harvested
Our first ever turnips were harvested to thin the crop
Carrots and beetroots are coming along 
Early onions are growing, and some more onion seeds were
planted on Friday when I learned they are supposed to be
planted on the shortest day of the year (see Peter Cundall's
great article)
Turnips are thriving under the white covers 
Brussels are growing slowly...
...so are the Purple Sprouting Broccoli
The broad beans are lined up as straight as a choir arranged
by height!
The peas have just about discovered the trellis
Fennel seedlings were evened out, with dirt starting to be
mounded up around them

22 June 2013

Winter Planting

This excellent article by Peter Cundall in the Weekly Times this week is the clearest I've read about how day length and temperature affects growing vegetables.  If you live in a cool region it's worth a read to understand when best to plant various varieties for best results.

Saturday Spotlight - Sorrel (Part Two)

A while ago I linked in with Liz at Suburban Tomato to do a Saturday Spotlight on Sorrel.

Yesterday I decided to relocate some of the sorrel plants in the Country Garden as they will be in the way for the potato crop that will be planted in a month or so, as soon as the freezing clear nights and frosty mornings are over (which might take a while, given it was -4 degrees for the past couple of mornings!).  In doing that I learnt something important about sorrel that I didn't realise when I did the original post, so here's Part Two:

16 June 2013

Some New Additions

The activity in both Gardens has slowed down significantly in the last couple of weeks, but there are a few new additions, all of which will require patience before we are able to enjoy the fruits of the harvest.

05 June 2013

May in the Vineyard

Some people approach winter in the vineyard with anticipation.  It's a time for meditation, reflection, turning thoughts to other creative endeavours in life while slowly, methodically working along every single vine to prune it, reshaping for next season.  

I do know people who actually think like that.  To be honest, I don't think I'd be in their camp, or at least not for long stretches of time, and only on still, sunny days!  Needless to say, with that attitude I have had nothing to do with the pruning work that has just started in the vineyard photographed here.  But thought I'd show a couple of photos to remind, once again, of the intensive labour and care that goes into wine production.  

The top photo is spur pruning, where key uprights (spurs) from the main horizontal cane (cordon) are retained and are the shooting point for next season's growth.  Below is cane pruning, where the cordons are replaced with new canes from the previous season, trained out along guide wires, from which the new season's growth will occur.

01 June 2013

Slow Living Month - May 2013

It's the first day of Winter, and for once I'm determined to actually finish my Slow Living Journal for the month on time!  So here's what I got up to in May.  

Pop over to Christine's fabulous blog "Slow Living Essentials" to see what she and the gang have been doing to incorporate slow living into their lives.