31 May 2013

This week in the City Garden

Red surrounded by autumn leaves.  She's finished moulting
but not yet completely regrown her beautiful tail bustle.
Enough energy on the feathers Red, start laying some eggs please!
The Crepe Myrtle is a different shade every day.  Today might
just be the best day of the season...
The nectarine is much more subtle
Purple Sprouting Broccoli and some garlics that I missed
in the harvest last year growing safely behind the chicken-
proof fence
Silverbeet partially protected by the chicken-proof fence!
Broad beans that really need staking, they are all over the shop
My attempt at a "greenhouse" to grow winter
The turmeric is dying off, so I think it's nearly
ready for harvest.  I need a good recipe first,
any ideas? 
The rosemary is flowering for the first time

What's happening in your garden on the last day of Autumn?


  1. I like your attempt at a greenhouse. I have a few tomatoes planted out in the garden and se far they are doing OK but then we haven't actually hit winter yet have we.....

    1. No not technically! From memory you managed to grow them last winter without any cover didn't you? I'm hoping that the cover will help protect them from strong wind and rain as well, I just need to remember to water them!