05 May 2013

CGCG in Print

Even More Chook Wisdom
Some time ago I breezed over the fact that I'd recently had an article published, but now an interview with me about the two gardens has also been published, so I thought I'd share a bit about each article.

The article I wrote was about my learning process in keeping chickens in a small inner-suburban backyard.  It was included in "Even More Chook Wisdom", the third of a series (logically it followed Chook Wisdom and More Chook Wisdom!) published by the Earth Garden people.  You can buy it online here if you are interested.  I like this book as each article is written by a different person and focuses on a particular aspect of interest to them, so there is quite a variety of information.

Your Vegie Patch
And in the latest issue of Your Vegie Patch magazine (Vol 2 No 7) I was interviewed about my experiences with growing vegetables in both the City Garden and Country Garden.  It discusses some of the differences between the two gardens and the differences between my aunt's reasons and expectations and my own, in setting up and managing the Country Garden.

I've only seen a few issues of Your Vegie Patch but it seems to have good clear advice for people starting out with gardening and showcases a range of seasonal vegetables in each issue, along with a couple of Gardener Profiles.  Well worth picking up a copy (and by the way, in case you're wondering, it's not me on the front cover of this issue!)


  1. I love 'Your Vege Patch' lots of great info for beginner gardeners. I read the article about you and smiled smugly as I had already discovered you and your wonderful gardens.

  2. Congratulations I will have to look out for both.

  3. Thanks Liz and Kathryn. I did think that you might find the chicken book interesting Liz, with your new(ish) flock.