17 May 2013

Another tale from the Herb Garden

The other day as I walked out my front door, a woman was standing at the street herb garden and said "I'm just pinching some of your mint" and went on to describe a sweet pie she was planning to make.  It sounded quite unusual, so I asked her if she would mind sharing the recipe if it worked out well?  A couple of days later it arrived in my letterbox with a lovely note!
As you can see from the recipe it's a raw vegan dish, with a couple of ingredients that I'd never heard of before, so I decided I'd definitely have to try it.  By complete coincidence, last weekend I was staying with my parents and they'd invited some friends for dinner who are raw vegans, so what better opportunity to try it out?!  

After getting used to the idea of eating a bright green pie with brown flecks through it (from the cacao nibs - which by the way are sensational if you've never tried them!) I can report that it was quite tasty, although very sweet from the honey.  I'm sure it's probably sacrilege to say so, but I thought it would benefit from some cream cheese instead of all the avocado!  Anyway, the vegans seemed to enjoy it, they had two slices each and took home the leftovers and the recipe (and assured me they weren't just being polite) so I think it tasted as it supposed to, and I got to meet and chat to one of my neighbours who I've never met before!

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