20 March 2013

Hanging on to Summer for just a few more days...

Look at my harvest today, it's full of red, yellow and green, but there's no tomato, no squash and no zucchini!  As I commented to Liz of Suburban Tomato the other day, sooner of later I'm going to have to stop ignoring the green leafy things and start harvesting them again.  Well today was the day.  Not that there's anything wrong with the silverbeet, its pink and red stalks look gorgeous, but it is a sad admission that Summer is over without those staples that we've been eating for the last few months, and I'm not quite ready to embrace that yet...
...Luckily just as I was about to finish in the garden I found two squash, some celery and an eggplant (one of only four or five we've had for the entire season!) so I can pretend summer is still with us for another week.  

And as a postscript to my Saturday Spotlight last week on sorrel, I have managed to save some seeds from it, so if you're interested in some please drop me an email.  (Farmer Liz, there's some on its way to you in the mail!)


  1. I'm mourning the end of summer too. I pulled out a couple of tomato plants yesterday but I can't bring myself to pull the whole lot out.

  2. wow, thanks! I will try it next summer. This time of year is so tricky, I still have some green tomatoes in the garden, but I want to pull them out to start on winter planting before it gets too frosty! I reckon having fresh greens is the best part of growing your own because you would never buy that many from the supermarket, they just don't last, and they get mixed into all sorts of meals at our house!