30 March 2013

Saturday Spotlight - Tomatoes

I'm joining in today with Liz from Suburban Tomato for her Saturday Spotlight series.  I thought I'd review the tomato season which has sadly just finished.  The last couple of plants will be pulled out tomorrow, and then all that remains is what I've managed to squirrel away in the freezer.

20 March 2013

Hanging on to Summer for just a few more days...

Look at my harvest today, it's full of red, yellow and green, but there's no tomato, no squash and no zucchini!  As I commented to Liz of Suburban Tomato the other day, sooner of later I'm going to have to stop ignoring the green leafy things and start harvesting them again.  Well today was the day.  Not that there's anything wrong with the silverbeet, its pink and red stalks look gorgeous, but it is a sad admission that Summer is over without those staples that we've been eating for the last few months, and I'm not quite ready to embrace that yet...
...Luckily just as I was about to finish in the garden I found two squash, some celery and an eggplant (one of only four or five we've had for the entire season!) so I can pretend summer is still with us for another week.  

And as a postscript to my Saturday Spotlight last week on sorrel, I have managed to save some seeds from it, so if you're interested in some please drop me an email.  (Farmer Liz, there's some on its way to you in the mail!)

15 March 2013

March in the Vineyard

Technically vintage started in late February this year, but I wasn't involved until the 1st March, so I'm going to call it March for the records.  Here's a quick and very simplified photo tour of chardonnay being made (although the photos above are obviously not chardonnay, the second one is the juice from pinot as it appears just out of the press - hard to imagine that turns into premium wine!):

10 March 2013

Saturday Spotlight - Sorrel

Even though it's Sunday, I'm linking in with Liz at Suburban Tomato this week for her Saturday Spotlight where she highlights a particular vegetable that is doing well in her garden.

Today I thought I'd write about a vegetable in the Country Garden that has quietly been doing its thing for many months now, but being a leafy vegetable, hasn't had the spotlight that many of the other more flamboyant vegies in the garden get at this time of the year - Sorrel.

06 March 2013

It's natural...apparently...

In Jackie French's Chook Book on the topic of chickens moulting she simply says: "This is natural and unavoidable, if messy."  She's not wrong!!

03 March 2013

Slow Living Month - February 2013

It's time once again to join Christine and friends for a wrap up of slow living achievements in February.  You can find the other posts over at Slow Living Essentials, where once again this year, Christine is generously hosting this lovely monthly review.

February was supposed to be about getting back to "real life" after having been on holidays for all of January.  And there was a bit of that.  I mean, I went back to work for a week before I went on another holiday!  It was time to enjoy summer and all the bountiful harvest that brings in the garden.