26 February 2013

Is It Really Preserving Time?

Recently I've been pondering why in my mind I love the idea of having my freezer and cupboards full of preserved goodies, and my bookshelves are full of recipe books of great recipes to cook such goodies, but the reality is much less impressive.  My intention is always to do it, but somehow it never really happens with any conviction.  

And then on the weekend as I was contemplating what do with another two bucketfuls of tomatoes, it hit me:  Australia in a hot Summer is no place for running the hot plate or oven for hours on end to preserve stuff!  Oh the irony that just when the best of the fruit and vegies are at their most prolific, the temperature in the kitchen rises to the point that the most I can be bothered thinking about making is another bloody salad!!

But with masses of freshly picked vegies at the moment it was time to work out what to do with them all.  So I bit the bullet and made a big batch of tomato sauce on the stovetop (just slowly cooking   tomatoes, capsicum, onion, garlic and basil in a large pot with the lid on, then whizzing it all up) .  A few days later I couldn't resist Barbara's suggestion of Roasted Tomato and Capsicum Sauce so I made some of that too.

So I may not have managed Apricot Jam again this year, and my beetroot pickle is only ever a quick and simple version, but my freezer is now full of delicious tomato sauce, and hopefully if the crop keeps going for a bit longer I'll be able to make a few more things before the end of the season (if the weather cools down just a little bit that is...)


  1. I made tomato sauce (ketchup) on the weekend and felt very pleased that I braved the heat to do it. Your right though it woudl be much easier if it was a little cooler during preserving time.

    1. Maybe next week...? (Not that I'm wishing summer away, I'm completely a summer person!)