16 February 2013

Growing a Neighbourhood Garden

Yesterday my neighbour washed my car for me... it was in the path of her watering the herb garden I've set up on the footpath as she pointed the hose over her front fence, so she thought she'd keep going once my car got a bit wet.  While I was away other neighbours all chipped in and kept an eye on the garden, passing the responsibility to water it each other if they went on short holidays, perhaps taking a few leaves as they did.  Neighbours and passers-by have commented on what a lovely idea the garden is.  Someone left an empty pot next to it on the footpath to add to it.  (Someone else took the time to amuse themselves - and me - by rearranging every single label into a different pot!)  It's getting noticed, no-one has treated it badly, it's started conversations with strangers and it's now almost covering up the graffiti that I planted it for in the first place, a few more pots and some vigorous growth once the weather cools down a bit should do it.  

I've used recycled pots and mainly cuttings that I've propagated myself (although I couldn't resist adding a chilli plant that I'd bought) so the only expense has been some potting mix and wire to tie the pots onto the pole supports.  That way, if it didn't work, it would be no big deal.  Being vertical it takes up minimal space and doesn't intrude into the footpath walking space.  I try to keep flowers going in it to give some colour and make sure that everything is edible and labelled so people will know what they are trying if they want to take some leaves.  

Do you have a power pole outside your house?  Maybe you could start a neighbourhood herb garden around it?  


  1. What a great idea ! Amazing how with just a little effort you can brighten up other peoples day/meal !How is your friend R garden plot developing?

    1. His garden is doing really well. I think he has been quite surprised by how easy it is and how much they can harvest from such a small area. A convert!!

  2. I love it! What a clever cookie you are. :)

  3. What a fabulous idea. How lovely that people have pitched in to look after it.

  4. Thanks ladies! Even though it's outside my house, I think for a while no-one knew who had done it, a bit of mystery in the street probably added to the interest!

  5. A fabulous idea, and so much prettier than graffiti. We have miles of those sound walls along roadways here, that are always easy canvases for bored teenagers with a can of spray paint. Something like this would be so much prettier, and use space that otherwise would go to waste. I love that it's also helping to build community too, something that so many places are lacking these days. Bravo!