23 December 2012

This Week in the Country Garden

While it's still a bit between seasons for us at the moment in the Country Garden, the harvest has included potatoes, leek, radish, lettuce, sorrel, spinach, basil, kale, rhubarb, a few blueberries and the last of the cabbage.  Everything else is now shooting up rapidly and the next month or so should see us back to a bumper crop of summer goodies.  Can't wait!
For all our statements last year about not overcrowding the
tomatoes this season, they grew quicker than expected...! 
Beans and Corn 
Capsicums and Sorrel
The second potato bed
The savoy cabbages have finally been harvested
to give some room for the zucchini and squash
to hopefully take off
After waiting patiently for months and months, we've finally
managed to harvest some red cabbage just in time to make
our traditional Norwegian Christmas Red Cabbage dish
Miniature pumpkins with the first small fruit on them 
Perfect cos lettuce
A  few onions.  They failed last year so we
 didn't bother planting many this year
- wish we had now!

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