16 December 2012

Micro Gardens

The City Garden is pretty small, but it is possible to have an even smaller area and still grow great produce.  Here are a few ideas:

Out the front of our house there is a power pole that has been badly graffitied.  By "badly" I mean a) the fact that it's been done at all, and b) the fact that it's not exactly a Banksy!  I've been looking at it for ages thinking about options to cover up the graffiti, and finally decided to utilise the holes in the steel support wings on it to hang pots, and now I've created a street herb garden.  It's still a work in progress and needs a few more pots on it to completely hide the scribbles, but it's getting there.  I hope that as the herbs grow my neighbours feel that they can pick a few leaves as they walk past for their dinner, and perhaps even add a pot of their favourite herbs to the collection.  I've planted some flowers in amongst it for colour, and perhaps next there could be some lettuces or radishes.  Once this pole is full we could move onto the next one down the street...

My friend R lives in a rental house with a tiny front courtyard.  A while ago the owner came and chopped down the one straggly tree in it, leaving a bare space.  R decided there was enough room to create a vegie garden there, so with a weekend's work they built up a garden bed to fit the space and mulched around it for easy access.  They now have a thriving patch with several different varieties of vegies and herbs.  The fence will be used to support some climbing vegies over summer to provide shade for the rest of the garden bed and to give a green outlook from the living room. 

Community Gardens are obviously a great way to get your hands into some soil and grow things, while being surrounded by other people who can share knowledge and friendship.  The Elwood Neighbourhood House Community Garden offers all of this in a secret little spot within a small park.  It's absolutely magical, creatively developed and very much loved by its gardeners.  My friend E, who lives just around the corner in a small apartment was thrilled recently to be given a plot to work with her young daughter.  They walk past every morning on the way to school and stop off to water and check on progress, and then again to pick something yummy for dinner on the way home.  E's plot is quite small but she's managed to fit in cucumber, zucchini, radishes, tomatoes, snow peas and a few herbs.  In fact they're producing enough to give me a couple of vegetable gifts when I visited there this week!
E's garden plot

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