01 December 2012

Meanwhile, in the City Garden...

 The apple trees have followed up their beautiful blossoms with the development of quite a few apples
The potato patch is thriving, with a sudden growth spurt in the last week of hot, wet weather creating quite a potato jungle
The nectarine tree, while having masses of growth, has sadly only one nectarine that I can find.  The combination of terrible windy weather at blossom-setting time and marauding possums seems to have taken its toll.  Also apparently there is excess nitrogen in the soil, due to the attention I've been lavishing on the vegetables underneath the tree, creating a concentration on leaf-growth.  A lovely horticulturalist I met has recommended a light summer prune instead of a heavy winter prune, which is what I did to try to encourage more even growth as it's quite crooked, and then hopefully it shall improve next year.
The beautiful crepe myrtle is full of leaves and full of gorgeous little honey-eater birds that are protected in its thick canopy
My one remaining strawberry plant that wasn't eaten by the chickens is safe...well at least the bit under the chicken guard is!  Other vegies safely behind wire mesh include a couple of tomatoes and lots of herbs.
And speaking of the chickens, no this isn't a chicken tree, it's just the three girls taking a nanna-nap in a warm spot!  And good news: After two months of determinedly being broody, Mavis has finally gone back to her normal chicken life and is happily hanging out again with her mates.  She even laid her first egg again today, so all seems good.


  1. It must be lovely watching apples grow - so very exciting. Shame you don't have more nectarines performing but great that Mavis is behaving herself once again.

    1. We have 3 apple trees in pots. I had quite low expectations for them producing anything given that they are in pots, so it's great to see fruit. They don't take up much room and help to shade the west side of the house in summer. I can highly recommend getting a couple if you have a bit of spare room!

  2. I love your chicken tree. :-)

    We had a similar experience with our fruit trees last year too.

  3. Replies
    1. Yep, I reckon that's the best thing about them, they make me laugh a lot!!

    2. I cant wait to get my own. I have a sketch of a cook house and am waiting for my brother to visit - he'd have to be a good chook shed builder.