25 November 2012

Creative Inspiration

Today I wandered through Veg Out, the fabulous community garden in St Kilda.  It was great to see such creativity and whimsy, and a good reminder of the importance of having fun in the garden!

19 November 2012

A Seed Saving Lifecycle Story

Beautiful bee-attracting flowering Pak Choy...

Develops into seed pods...
Which dry out in the sun...
And the contents of just one pod...
Will grow into about twenty of these delicious Pak Choys, that will feed you for weeks!  
How simple is that?!

18 November 2012

November in the Vineyard

Although it's a considerably larger scale than vegetable gardening, I thought there might be some interest in hearing about what happens seasonally in a vineyard.  So here's my first monthly wrap up (based on my very limited exposure so far!) of some of the tasks that I've been involved with in the vineyard to assist in the production of premium fruit for wine.

13 November 2012

A Scientific Experiment Part 2

Back in March I wrote about my "scientific" experiment to try to work out the secrets of growing good garlic.  You can read about it here.  Even though not all the garlic I planted is ready, I thought it was time to do an update on the obvious outcomes so far, although I should really start this report by warning that my brain is not geared toward scientific preciseness...