01 October 2012

This Week in the City Garden

Lemon Thyme
And now a more positive post on new growth and beginnings in the City Garden.  The crazy Spring weather (it snowed in the nearby hills on Saturday but will be 27 degrees later this week!) has meant happy times for all the plants.  There are flowers, new buds, bees and seedlings all taking off:

The last of the sprouting broccoli is going to seed which I'll
collect (and besides the flowers are beautiful!)
Rocket, cress and coriander seedlings

The potato patch (being helped along with rich fertilizer
from the chook shed straw)
Some potatoes growing in a bag as an experiment
Apple blossom
The Echiums are now flowering
The first buds on my beautiful Crepe Myrtle came out yesterday!
New growth on the bay tree
The sage is about to burst into flower


  1. My lemon thyme is looking very happy at the moment too. Isn't the weather crazy, at least its been pretty sunny here, if a little on the chilly side.

    1. I was sure that the lemon thyme was dead after the chooks got to it, but as soon as I fenced it off from them it bounced right back and now looks better than it did all last year!

  2. Oh, I bet the bees goes bonkers for the Echium. There's a huge plant down near the harbor here, and in spring I love to watch the bumble bees gathering the bright blue pollen! It's so fun to watch your garden awakening for spring, as ours winds down in autumn.

    1. It is really interesting reading blogs from overseas and getting a greater understanding of the seasonal differences. It's also interesting that in colder places overseas the things we grow in winter here seem to be grown in summer there, but in much shorter growing periods. That time difference really fascinates me!