07 October 2012

Slow Living Month - September

Flowering Blueberry plant
Suddenly I turned around and it was the end of the first week of October, don't know how that happened!  Anyway, with apologies to Christine at Slow Living Essentials for my slackness this month, here's my contribution to the Slow Living Journal.  You can check out what Christine and all the other contributors have been up to here.

Lots of seasonal eating with both the City and Country Gardens starting to offer up more than just silverbeet and kale this last month (although I do love those vegetables too!).  I talked about a few dishes here.
Mushroom, blue cheese and broccoli pizza
I have a power pole outside the house which has steel supports on it that have been graffitied.  I've been thinking for ages about yarn bombing it to brighten it up and hide the graffiti, but have decided to create a herb garden in pots hanging from the steel supports which have lots of holes cut into them.  So this month I've been propagating herbs and planting seeds in pots to prepare to install on it once they've established.  My hope is that people will be able to walk by and take a few sprigs home to add to their dinner, and might even add a herb plant from their own garden to the collection.  Either that, or I'll just be feeding the local possum community!

We planted lots of herbs, rocket, cress, beetroot, radish, potatoes, tomato seedlings, lettuce. spinach, kale seedlings...

I've harvested silverbeet, kale, broccoli, peas, broad beans, celery, garlic shoots (I'm so impatient!), baby leek, fennel, carrots and rhubarb.

We were about 80% self sufficient in vegetables this month, once again hampered by not growing enough potatoes and onions last year, and by my love of fresh asparagus that we aren't currently growing.  The Planting Plan will be tweaked next season to include a bed dedicated to asparagus as I suspect eating spears that have just been harvested is probably the best vegetable growing experience you could possible have!!
A third of the potato crop for this year. Hopefully
it will keep us going for several months next year!
I wrote my first ever article for publication in September, although it hasn't yet been confirmed that it's been accepted, but it was a great experience and I hope to write more (if anyone hears of any calls for articles for books or magazines I'd love you to send me the details!)  

I'm off to a Joel Salatin event later in October so I started reading one of his books for background.  I also indulged and bought myself a copy of the new Gourmet Farmer Deli Book.  I have to say that I enjoyed reading about the pure joy that those boys obviously have for the fresh local produce in Tassie more than I did about the ills of the American food system...  

I signed up for a Community Food Projects forum for later this month that I'm looking forward to and will report on next month (is that cheating to get two month's worth out of one item?!)

After a really long year we've finally confirmed plans for a big holiday and have been enjoying the planning for that very much. 

Oh, and nothing to do with gardening, but the timber boat nerd in me loved a trip on a tall ship that a dear friend of mine booked to celebrate my birthday.  I jumped at the chance to climb the rigging - great view from the top!

I hope you had a good month too.  Make sure you head over to Slow Living Essentials to check out what others have been getting up to.


  1. Looks like another busy but completely satisfying month! I planet asparagus last year and won't be picking till 2014 just to make sure it is fully established but it is really exciting just watching it grow and flower!

    1. It's going to taste so fantastic after you've been nurturing it for the next two years!

  2. Great post, lot's happening in your world! So interested to hear that you are going to a Joel Salatin event, he seems like an amazing person, is he coming to Melbourne? Looking forward to reading more about this next month! Have a great day, Julie :)

    1. Thanks Julie. I'm going to an event with Joel Salatin at Taranaki Farm in the Macedon Ranges but he is going to be in Melbourne as well: http://www.au.timeout.com/Melbourne/aroundtown/events/5038/dumbo-feathers-conversation-with-joel-salatin

  3. I saw Joel Salatin speak a couple of years ago. He is very good in person. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

    Congratulations on your first article. That is very exciting. Are you familiar with HARO (Help a Reporter Out)? http://www.helpareporter.com/ It's a 3x/day call for articles, expert opinion, interviews... it full of all kinds of things and is free to sign up. Also follow @helpareporter on twitter.

    I think you might be right about asparagus... I just added it to my planting plan last weekend. :-)

    1. Thanks for that link, I'll definitely check it out. I wonder if there's something similar in Australia...
      Hope your babies are doing fabulously!