30 September 2012

This Week in Melbourne

It's been a sad and frightening week in Melbourne with the horrific news about Jill Meagher.  

Although it's quite a large city, it's at times like this that the realisation of what a small, close-knit community we are becomes obvious.  The two-degrees of separation that is such a part of living here has once again come to the fore.  While I didn't know Jill, I have friends who knew her, another friend who has regularly walked home from that same bar late at night, as well as knowing that all of us who live in the inner suburbs often walk by ourselves at night, even if only home from the local tram stop or pub.  

So it's a time for thinking about how we live and how we want to live.  It's a time for appreciating how important, strong and connected our local community is.  Most importantly it's a time for thoughts of friends who are immediately connected to this tragedy and especially thinking about the family and close friends of a young woman who by all accounts was such a lovely, vibrant person.   x

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  1. I feel exactly the same way! Far too close to home and has had me feeling sick about the randomness of it.