30 September 2012

This week in the Country Garden

This post should almost be called "This month in the country garden", it feels like so long since I did an update.  I have been working in the garden, but the weather has been so terrible that I haven't taken any photos for weeks, and it feels wrong to write a post without pics.

The other day I saw an ad for my new camera in a tram stop.  It was a sexy picture of a guy holding the camera in the rain (or a shower - couldn't tell which!) I think trying to explain that the camera is waterproof... or maybe just trying to get the attention of women at the tram stop?!!  Anyway, after yet another day of continuous rain in the Country Garden on Friday I decided to test out the waterproofness of the camera, and I'm happy to say that it does work!

So... after a long introduction, here's what has been happening in the wet, grey, muddy Country Garden this week:
The leeks are doing well, both in the polystyrene
containers and in a wine barrel.  I made some
delicious caramelised baby leek yesterday.
Onion seedlings started out really curly but now
seem to be straightening themselves out
One of the last carrots from the previous crop.  I've reseeded
in hope of another crop.  The brown "dust" is coffee grounds
to try to deter slugs - there are so many slugs at the moment!!
Peas (green, sugar snap and snow) are in full swing and
deliciously sweet
The red cabbages are finally starting to form heads...
as are the savoy cabbages
Broad beans!!! 
A splash of colour on a grey day from the rainbow chard
The first planting of potatoes has come through
and is thriving.  It's still under covers in case of
late frost
And not to forget the pinenut tree.  Plenty of
new growth but I suspect it might still be a
while until we're harvesting pinenuts!! 


  1. Wow,your garden is looking fantastic!! So many delicious things ready to eat, my peas are only just starting to fatten up, and i think my red cabbages are not going to form heads at all this year, just lots of leaves, and my potatoes aren't even through the ground yet, it is so great to see such abundance, you must be really pleased!! Julie:)

    1. Thanks Jules. I'm still not sure that we will get any red cabbages either, they are so slow! Potatoes are great as they shoot up so quickly you feel like you're getting somewhere even if it is still months until they are ready to harvest! I think we did plant them quite early and will plant another bed full in about a month to try to stagger the harvest longer than we managed last year.

  2. I am going to try a little winter gardening this year. I find your posts inspiring--though I don't often comment.

    1. Thanks for your comment NW and for following the blog. Good luck with your winter planting!

  3. Looking great, but this weather isn't very conducive to long afternoons in the garden is it? And the cold snaps we keep getting have totally obliterated some of my tomato seedlings

    1. Oh no, that's not good news Barbara. I wish I could offer you some of mine but I gave up growing them from seed after a poor outcome last year, so have just bought a few of them as seedlings this year. We've just planted out the first lot and decided to keep the covers on them for a week or two, sounds like it was the right decision. I hope the rest of yours survive.