15 August 2012

This Week in the Country Garden

With sunshine in the Country Garden it felt like time to start planting some seeds for the coming season and have a bit of an early Spring Clean.  Here's what's been happening:

  • Radish, carrot, cress, spinach, lettuce and fennel seeds were planted
  • Onion seedlings were transplanted into a large bed
  • Peas and broad beans were tied up to support them 
  • Oregano and parsley were repotted
  • Leaves past their prime were harvested for the chook bucket
  • The three new garden beds arrived and were prepared for planting out next week
  • My lovely friend Claire planted a rosemary bush to honour my grandmother - "where there is strong rosemary there are strong women"
  • I harvested radish, broccoli, peas, silverbeet, cavelo nero, pak choy and carrots
A whole bed of broad beans - flowering but no beans yet
This garden bed has thrived all winter:
cavelo nero, silverbeet, fennel and celery
More real estate!!
The red pak choy flowering for seed saving


  1. How exciting that Spring is coming.

    We're having little hints of Fall now. Which is completely thrilling after this record-breaking hot summer. :-)

    I've been meaning to ask... are all of your garden beds above ground? Why not dig them into the ground directly?

    1. It's so lovely to get a bit of sun, it seems to have been a particularly cold and wet winter here. Mind you it's only going to be 13 degrees tomorrow, so it's not over yet. I was really surprised to read your comment on Twitter that you saw snow on nearby mountains the other day, your seasons turn around really quickly!

      Yes all of our beds are above ground. We needed to protect against a very ferocious local rabbit population, so the best options seemed to be either above-ground beds or a big fence. Given that the garden is on show being on the front lawn of the restaurant and cellar door we felt a fence wasn't very friendly. We wanted people to feel free to walk around in the garden. The other advantage as it turns out, is that gardening in raised beds is substantially easier than in the ground! It's much easier than kneeling down to work, and we had to buy soil in so it's really good quality and there are hardly any weeds in it. I highly recommend raised beds!!

    2. Ah, makes perfect sense. We have a lot of rabbits too and they really like beans... something for me to consider for next year. ;-)

      I actually haven't seen any snow yet. A weather reporter said their was "either snow or hail" in the mountains the other day. I thought that was really funny. It should start snowing in the mountains in about a month and about two months at our place in the "flat lands."

  2. I am loving the weather - the sap is rising in all gardeners (in the southern hemisphere). I love your raised beds, away from rabbits and such, are they expensive? Or do you make them yourself?

    1. We did buy them, not make them. I'm sure you could make them, but we were really impressed with the quality of these ones. They have a good edge around the top of them and internal supports to keep them solid. They also have shadecloth (green) for summer and protective mesh (white) for winter that goes over the hoops - quite a clever system. They were more expensive than your standard hardware store ones, but they are much better quality. They are from Bacchus Marsh: thevegiegarden.com.au (that was a nice plug guys, what about a discount for future purchases?!)

      Oh and they come in all the Colourbond colours, and I agree with Liz, the red ones are great!

  3. I wish my broad beans were flowering - they are growing very slowly this year - I suspect I haven't given them enough sun...Your new beds look great, I especially like the red one.

    1. I planted mine in about 4 lots and it's really only the first ones that are flowering seriously. They were planted pretty early due to my impatience for being able to eat my favourite beans! So I'm sure your's will get going once the weather gets a bit warmer.

  4. You have such a bounty of greens! I'm most envious of your planting beds though. I know I've said it before, but I love them. I could have saved myself oodles of hours building raised beds if I'd gone that route. Next garden... ;)