05 August 2012

Slow Living Month - July

July has come and gone and it's time once again to check in with the Slow Living Journal that Christine from Slow Living Essentials started in January this year.

July was actually pretty tough, with the sad passing of my dear grandmother overshadowing everything else, including a new job.  But there were also positive aspects, including the launch of a new project and a lovely quiet weekend away with M.  So here goes with my wrap-up:

Eggs!!  Edna has started laying and so far is averaging an egg every two days.  Being a bantam, her eggs are very small, but right from the start they have been delicious.  We saved a few up over the last few days and had soft boiled eggs with toasty soldiers for breakfast today.   How perfect to be able to do that while looking out the window at the chickens happily pecking around in the City Garden!
I finally put pen to paper and worked out my Spring/ Summer Planting Plan for the Country Garden - just in time for the arrival of three more garden beds this week.

I've maintained 75% self sufficiency for vegetables through July, and hope to be able to continue sustaining that through August and September which can sometimes be a bit grim for vegie production.

This month we harvested silverbeet, kale, carrots, fennel, radish, peas, broccoli, pak choy and celery.
City Garden Purple Sprouting Broccoli - on its way...
The Granny Blanket project from last month continues.  I'm still progressing slowly, but have found it quite meditative to do in the evenings after the stressful days of the last month.

I have continued to experiment and learn with my new camera, which is providing much joy.

The camera came with a 130 page manual, so lots to discover there!!  And one of my dearest friends is visiting with us from interstate at the moment and brought us a present of Jackie French's Chook Book which I'm also enjoying reading.

After hinting for the last couple of months about the joint project that my friend A and I are working on, we have finally launched it.  Whispered Workshops is a web-based workshop series all about friends getting together to try new things and share knowledge.  We're very excited about it and would love people to join in.  Please stop by and check it out.

Finally last weekend M and I got away for the weekend for a drive along the Great Ocean Road and up through the Otway Ranges, staying in a cottage overlooking the ocean.  The weather was alternatively sunny and terrible, the positive of that being the almost constant rainbows.  It was a beautiful, peaceful way to take time to reflect on the sadness of the last few weeks and remember my wonderful grandmother.


  1. Congratulations to both you and Edna! Must be wonderful to have fresh eggs.

    1. Thanks, it's really fantastic! And I have a sneaking suspicion that today's egg was laid by Mavis, which is very exciting too!

  2. (((Big hugs))) on the loss of your grandmother.

    Your time away sounds like balm for the soul to remember her.

    Lovely to have you joining in again. xx

  3. Sad times for you. All the more reason to nourish yourselves.
    Great idea with the Whispering Workshops. I'll be linking in for sure.
    Take care

  4. Thanks so much Christine and Sarah for your thoughts, I really appreciate it. It's so nice to have "met" such lovely people through this blogging thing!
    I look forward to seeing you over at WW Sarah (and thanks Christine, I just saw that you've already stopped by there!)
    Tobi x

  5. I'm sad to hear about your grandmother, but thrilled to hear about your eggs. :-)

  6. I'm sorry to read about your grandmother, but congratulations to Edna! There is nothing like your own garden fresh eggs. Now you have your own, you'll never go back!