16 July 2012

Promises of Things to Come

We haven't quite hit the "hunger months" in the Country Garden but the diversity is certainly reduced at the moment.  Today I picked silverbeet and kale (the old faithfuls), carrots, fennel, pak choy and radish.  I feel like a stuck record writing about harvesting those vegies for what seems like many months now, so I thought I'd add some photos of some of the things that aren't yet yielding but are looking full of promise.  

I got a new camera last week and today was my first chance to really try it out.  It's way smarter than me, so I suspect I've got a long way to go before I'll be happy with the results, but I decided to be brave and post a few photos anyway... another promise (hopefully) of things to come...!
Broad Beans
More cabbage (or possibly Brussel Sprouts?)


  1. Your broad beans are much more progressed than mine. I always get excited when my broad beans start flowering - the promise of not only beans but Spring as well.

    1. I planted the broad beans in 4 separate goes, so hopefully once they start producing we'll have them for quite a while. The ones that I photographed are the earliest planting and the only ones that are flowering so far. I get really excited by the flowers too, although I've planted them for a few years now, so know now to not expect beans for ages after they start flowering. It could still be a month or two I think...

  2. your veggies look good.i have never grows broad beans...maybe next year.
    have a nice day,

    1. Thanks Regina. Broad beans are one of my favourite vegies, can't wait to get to pick some!

  3. I'm envious of your peas. ;-) I planted mine way too late and they couldn't take the heat. :-(

    Regarding the zucchini: It's the one thing I've done pretty well with. So I'm not really sure what's special... lots of sun, but not too much water. I added a lot of alpaca manure and some spent hay to the garden soil this year.

    1. I didn't photograph the City Garden peas, they've been eaten by something and I don't think will amount to anything, so I'm glad we planted lots in the Country Garden!

      Not too much water on the zucchinis is interesting. I would have thought they'd need heaps given the high water content of the fruit. Perhaps that's where we went wrong last season. I'll be a bit tougher with them next season!