06 July 2012

The Great Cafe Challenge

The growing city/country divide is one of the large challenges that we face in understanding and addressing the issues of food security.  Here’s one really simple idea to further increase the understanding and reduce the divide.  Alison Fairleigh and a few friends came up with a challenge to every cafĂ© in Australia to stock one rural newspaper each week.  That’s it, really simple, but quite brilliant!  The idea being that our lattes and BLT toasties aren’t possible without farmers, so we all need to connect a bit closer and understand the issues that face rural Australia in the process of producing our food.  You can read about it here on Alison's blog.  There’s a list of all the cafes that have taken on the challenge, and you can also follow the Challenge on Twitter @CafeChallenge.  So far it’s spread around Australia and even been picked up in New Zealand and the UK.  It’s spreading to doctors’ surgeries and hairdressers’.   Is your local on the list?  If not, why don’t you encourage them to join up?  

1 comment:

  1. This is a great idea!

    Not only does it help bridge the divide, but will also help the small-town newspaper which is so important to their communities.