07 July 2012

From Studio to Farm Shed in 5 Easy Steps

Have you ever wondered how to turn an inner-city backyard studio into a farm shed?  Well I've succeeded, and if you follow my simple 5 Step Program below you could too!
1. Store a bale or two of straw in there, not forgetting
to keep bits of hayband in handy locations all around
the shed for future use!
2. Make sure there's a large enough gap under the door to let
leaves, dust and chicken feathers gather on the white carpet 
3. Hang on to left-over sheets of corrugated iron used
to make the chook shed - never know when it might
come in handy in the next 15 or so years...
4. Stockpile lots of empty milk bottles to use in future passata
making sessions, even if you ate all the tomatoes as you picked them last year 
5. Small straggly bits of fencing wire are invaluable...
to fill empty corners of the farm shed and give it
that final authentic touch!