05 June 2012

This Week in the City Garden

Who can resist jumping into a pile of autumn leaves?!
The broccoli is growing slowly but surely
The peas are beginning to climb up their support 
Now that I've rescued the garlic (and its polystyrene
tub!) from the chickens, it's doing well
...pity I didn't fence off the herb garden from them!  At least
their eggs will be full of flavour - when they start laying...
And here's my very warped nectarine tree that I've
 just pruned.  It got shaded out by the trees on the
neighbour's side of the fence and grew into the sun.
I was going to pull it out and start again until we
harvested the nectarines last summer - WOW! Now
we're trying really hard to save it!

1 comment:

  1. Your peas are doing well. Mine keeping getting eaten - I always seem to struggle with peas.