01 June 2012

The First Day of Winter in the Country Garden

It may have been the first day of Winter today, but I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day to spend outside working in the Country Garden.  The hills around the Yarra Valley were shrouded in low, wispy cloud as I drove up, after a night when the temperature dipped below zero, then slowly the sun warmed up the countryside and the clouds burned away to a perfect, still, sunny winter day.

Today was spent removing the last of the summer/ autumn crops and transplanting seedlings into the protection of the big beds so I could put the covers on them and help the plants survive the cold winter Valley nights. 
The seedling nursery
Red cabbage seedling snuggled into straw courtesy of the
City Garden chook shed
The second brassica bed - broccoli, brussels
and cabbage 
Asian greens that look almost too good to eat
A whole bed of broad beans!
The fennel is thriving and doing much better this time  around with
the mounded mulch.  Check out my delicious lunch here...
The silverbeet just keeps going... 
...as does the cavelo nero.  What fabulous vegies they are!
The peas are entwining themselves up their supports
And finally at the end of the day it was time to put the covers
on for winter.  

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