02 June 2012

A Brief Moment of Fame...

If anyone in Melbourne and surrounds happens to be watching Postcards on Channel 9 tomorrow afternoon (Sunday 3 June) at 5.30pm, you might just catch a glimpse of the Country Garden in a segment on Yarra Valley winery restaurants...


  1. Oh no, I'm reading this at 8:30pm. Hope you are basking in the glory of it all.

  2. Oh dear, sorry, I must have blinked at the wrong moment because I saw the segment on Dixon's Creek but not your property. Unfortunately Postcards travels so quickly it misses the best bits (including your property) but makes great efforts to prolong the ad breaks. Tell Gianne to come back and do a segment on your property only then let us know.


  3. Alas, my brief opportunity for a moment of fame passed. Sadly the garden didn't make the final cut, although they did film it. You're right Steve, they travel pretty quickly! It was my family's vineyard that was on it, but the only vision of the Country Garden was in the chives that were sprinkled over the dish that the chef produced... *sigh*