11 May 2012

A More Positive Post

After that last sad tale, I do have some positive news for the day - we "harvested" the first of the compost today, which has been breaking down nicely and was full of worms.  We used some of it to fill four new barrels to add to the growing garden.  I just love it when I get more real estate to play with!  

And even though it feels like we've planted masses, we still had a bucket of garlic to plant as the chef is friends with a commercial grower, and was given a heap from his stocks.  So today I went beyond the boundaries of the garden and planted a row right along the garden that edges the car park, just trying to get it all in the ground.  As part of the ongoing scientific experiment I have been conducting this year, this is yet another condition - much heavier soil and competing with rose bush roots.  The drainage should be good though.  In my somewhat haphazard methodology, I have no idea what type of garlic it is, and I mixed it in with the remainder of the garlic left form our earlier planting.  I did remember to put a tag saying when I'd planted it though! 


  1. I love your wine barrel, looks great - I've been keeping my eye out for them on ebay but haven't come across many locally - or at least not when i've been looking. i like the idea of putting the garlic in with the roses I might put a few cloves in my front garden too.

  2. The barrels are great. They are a good size and height (to keep the rabbits out!) but also keep snails out as they don't seem to climb up the timber. why don't you call a few of the bigger local wineries and see if they have any spare that you can buy?