24 April 2012

Night-time Noises

Have you ever noticed the sounds that birds make as they are settling down at night?

I've never really taken much notice until we got the chickens who make a trilling and nervous sort of urgent chirping sound as the evening closes in, before they make their way into their house to roost for the night.  At first I thought this was them being becoming agitated, scared of the dark perhaps, however I've started to notice that lots of other birds that are roosting in our trees or nearby make similar noises around the same time.  On a couple of occasions I've run outside thinking that the chickens are getting really upset about something, only to discover that they are fine and it's a completely different bird making the ruckus.  

What a lovely added bonus that in getting the chickens I have become more aware of the other creatures that live around the City Garden!

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